10 October 2008

Little Women.

I cannot begin to explain how much I adore this book. As soon as I was finished I wanted to read it again. I didn't though, in trying to keep up with my challenge. (Which I've been sadly slacking with. Bleah.) Anyhoo, Miss Alcott has a truly wonderful writing style. It was a simple story and so beautiful at the same time.

Call me crazy, but I rooted more for Professor Bhaer than for Laurie. Jo and Laurie were too close as friends, and I was so glad it wasn't completely ruined when Jo refused him. And Laurie's proposal to Amy, so sweet and suttle. I just loved everything about this book I found myself wanting to cry over it several times while reading it, and it quickly became one of my favorites and I am so glad I bought it earlier this year. Highly recommended.

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