28 October 2008

Highland Snows.

One of my favorite romance authors, Julia London, has a part in a new release, out today: Snowy Night with a Stranger. (Jane Feather and Sabrina Jeffries also contributed, actually I believe Jane Feather is the "lead" author in this one.) Julia London's part, Snowy Night with a Highlander, is a tie in with her upcoming novel Highland Scandal, which is part of her Scandal Series.

From Julia London's website:
From Jane Feather, Sabrina Jeffries and Julia London, a holiday collection of stories:
Amidst a snowstorm, a viscount is waylaid by a band of highwaymen—but it’s his heart that is robbed by a spirited beauty…A coach accident strands an heiress at the home of an embittered lord—will her festive spirit heal the Christmas Day tragedy that wounded his soul?...A debutante searches for her scandalized brother in the wintry Scottish wilds, guided by a rugged Highlander who masks his scarred face—will fury or passion ignite when he reveals his identity?...The journey to love is never more enticing than when Yuletide Travelers cross paths with unexpected strangers—and unpredictable passions!
Go here to read an excerpt from Julia London's contribution. :)

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