31 October 2008

Friday Finds.

I have only one find this week, but it is the first in a good looking (6 book "Outlander") series, by Diana Gabaldon:


avisannschild said...

I enjoyed Outlander, but then not so much the next book, unfortunately. (I actually couldn't get into it.)

Beth F said...

Be prepared to be hooked! I loved absolutely all of them. And can't wait for the next one to come out in 2009!

Jackie M (Literary Escapism) said...

I love Diana Gabaldon! She's an author I will spend the $25 on her hardcovers and I'm in the store the morning the book is released.

Each novel in her series is unique in the fact that it takes place in different areas of the world and involves the same two main characters. It's a great love story that spans from the characters 20s to their 40s (but only because of some time travel).

I love it love it love it!