03 September 2008

Mystery In the Mail.

Yesterday, I got this in the mail:

I was really excited, because it's my first one to read and review. So yay. I can't get to it quite yet (definitely next week, so look for the review then!) but I shall tell as much about it as I possibly can right now.

I believe it came out yesterday (at least that's what amazon.com says.) So yes, it's rather new. Written in Blood By Sheila Lowe, is the second book in her Claudia Rose Series, which is a Forensic Handwriting Mystery. Going by the back cover description it looks like a very promising read, I've also read the first page and I am on the path of loving it already, even though it's only been a few short steps. I would have went ahead and read the whole chapter, but I want to finish one of my current reads first so I will have less distraction.

The first book is already out of course, which is Poison Pen. I wanted to try to get that one from the library before this one arrived, but unfortunately, I didn't have time, because American Psycho is taking forever to get through because it's so disgusting.

Anyway, here is a little piece from the back cover, about Poison Pen:
"Sheila Lowe's Poison Pen was hailed as a "fast-paced, crisp...novel that penetrates the world of celebrity."* And Hollywood forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose is about to prove once more that no matter what words it forms, a pen will always write the truth." (*from Armchair Interviews.)

This really intrigues me. I am interested in seeing how she solves crimes this way, and what threats she comes across in the process, and just plain how it all turns out and who she is.

From the Website:
Sheila Lowe is a court-qualified handwriting expert who testifies in forensic cases. She has more than thirty years experience in the field of handwriting analysis and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.

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