05 September 2008

American Psycho.

I finished reading American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis last night, and it was...gruesome. Explicit. Disgusting. Funny. Strangely Interesting.

I actually liked the character Patrick Bateman. Of course I didn't like the serial-killer side of him, but the "normal" side of him that was very hard to understand. He just seemed so...bored. Unfulfilled. He had too much at his fingertips to do whatever he wanted with and in his case, that was a very bad thing.

I can't believe how the book ended. I didn't even really get a hint of what happens to him. I found him to be the kind of character to randomly pop into my head and just wonder about. Wonder what it would be like to be in the circle of his world, however strange that may be. I kind of like the open-ness of the ending, but not really. I like how it's left up to the reader, but it still somehow feels unfulfilled as an ending.

The book as a whole, as a horror story was good I guess, because it definitely horrified me to no end at times, and I am glad to be done with it. But I think I might miss Patrick, because he was oddly fascinating in an *off-limits* sort of way, because he was obviously insane.

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