27 August 2008

Starting Over, Not Much Fun.

Ugh. These past couple of weeks have been so blah reading wise. Maybe I have too high of expectations for books, since I've read some really good ones recently. I don't know. But two books (in a row!) I've decided to put away is really bad.

The most recent unfinished book-victim I've given up on is Jane Caryl Mahlow's Hiss, Whine & Start Over. The first few chapters were so enjoyable, but as I got further in, I just had to stop and wonder what the heck happened...I wondered if I was just being a lazy reader, but then I realized, it's not me, it's the book! The author started skipping events. This, truly makes me feel annoyed. Why bother to mention something that is going to happen, that the character is looking forward to, and then go ahead and skip it? I realize every single little event in a book does not need to be described and/or written. But it happened way too often in this book. I even daresay it was badly written, and edited as the story went on. Too many grammatical errors. A little predictable and blah blah blah. Enough of my book shredding now.

Anyhoo, I'm going to move on to Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho next. I'm filled with dread and excitement to start it. Dread because it is horror fiction, and I hate horror fiction, excitement because I read a snippet of it on amazon.com and I actually liked it and the potential I saw in it. Also, it will give me an excuse to picture Christian Bale while reading it. :D But, dread overpowers the power of Mr. Bale, as I flipped through the book just now and saw that one of the chapter titles is "Tries to Cook and Eat Girl." Doesn't that leave a great image? I am shuddering at it now. Eew.

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