12 June 2008

Sister's Choice.

I finished reading this book this afternoon, and it was splendidly heart-warming. I loved it.

In this book, Sister's Choice - by Judith Pella (book 2 in her Patchwork Circle Series) young Maggie Newcomb sets her sights on Colby Stoddard once and for all. She forms a plan with the help of Mabel Parker, and Mabel's brother Evan, a new lawyer home from Boston spending time with his family, whom is also trying to decide the road his life will take. There is one big problem: Tamara Brennan, a house guest of the Stoddard's - she is pretty and seemingly perfect. In the meantime, Maggie tries her best to improve her quilting and impress Colby and his mother Emma Jean - knowing she is the one that will be the hardest to win over. Maggie's plan is working, until she finds that she has mis-judged her feelings for Colby and realizes she loves someone else entirely.

That is all I shall give away. :p Oh, I think I should also mention, this is Christian fiction, though it is not over-powerfully obvious. There is the mention that characters believe in God and must learn to trust his will and his plan for their lives, but it does not give the feeling it is being forced down one's throat as I have encountered in other authors' styles. I am not Christian, I just love the clean-ness and good nature of the story, and Judith Pella's writing, period. :p So, if you don't like trying out that sort of fiction or just have some sort of issue with it, now you know.

I'm not reading anything right now. I don't know if I will until I get my next batch of books from the library. After I finished this book I came online and put all of Christy Brown's books on hold at the library that they had. It'll probably take about a week or so for them to get them in. (9 in all.) :) I can barely wait, as I've been dying to get to the time when I can finally get them from the library and read them. I've been fascinated by him for quite a while now.

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