24 June 2008

My Left Foot.

I found Christy Brown's auto-biography, My Left Foot, to be particularly interesting at this point in my interest for him. Though I wouldn't exactly say it was completely touching, it did have it's moments.

Quite different from the movie, and more enjoyable in my opinion. They are conflicting in many ways, which I did not like at all. Frankly the book makes the movie look like crap. I don't know just how many differences in the movie are true or not, but I intend to try to find out. Especially with the help of another new-ish book that has come out about his life, by Georgina Louise Hambleton. Which I found right here: on Amazon. I hope to order it for my birthday in a couple of weeks so I can find out what her book about him has to say. She says she has interviews and such from his family, and friends as well if I remember correctly. (Family is a definite.) So I hope it will be interesting, and from reviews and such that I've read on it already, I have no doubt it very well will be. Perhaps it will help show how things really were for him and his wife and in other events in his life, as I believe the movie did not. I think they sort of veiled things so it will look happy and sweet - which it did come across as, but that doesn't make it okay because I'm not so sure anymore that the film makers were very truthful, no matter how small or big those parts were.

I'm still (slowly) reading Down All the Days, and I'm also reading another of his poetry books, which I am absolutely loving; Background Music: Poems. I am so glad I got his poetry books (though some of the poetry repeats in the different collections of them, ah well), I am very picky about poetry and his just sweeps me away. So it's been good to find another poet I like, when I have so very few favorites of something I positively live for.

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