04 May 2008

The Whale Road.

The Whale Road, by Robert Low; was truly a wonderful read. I highly enjoyed it. I found it funny, adventurous, and quite surprising.

In this book; young Orm becomes known as "The Bear Slayer" after a sort of accident while he is away from home. Following the slaying of the bear, he is offered to join Einar the Black's Oathsworn, in which he accepts, hardly with a real choice to do so. With his father being a member already it makes it a little easier to be there. Once he joins, he experiences his first real battles and raids and women, and he also learns that his father is not really his biological father which gives him quite a shock, all on the quest for Atil's hidden treasure. That is all I shall give away.

While I struggled a bit with the name pronunciations, I still loved this story and became very much fascinated with Vikings all over again, despite their strange and sometimes disgusting ways.

Robert Low was a new author for me to have read, and he was definitely not disappointing.

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