17 May 2008

new books. yay.

I recently took a trip to Reno and purchased the following romance novels, because yes, I am addicted:

2 Jennifer Ashley's and 2 Julia London's. I just love them. the top 2, which are Jennifer Ashley's, are: Highlander Ever After, and Immortals: The Gathering. (which is book four in the Immortals series.) and the bottom 2 are Julia London's, which are: The Dangerous Gentleman, and The Ruthless Charmer. (which are books 1 & 2 of her Rogues of Regent Street series.) one of my book goals this year is to collect the remainders of those series'. I've accidentally started the Immortals series backwards though, lol. oops.

with the addition of those two Julia London books I bought earlier this week, I now have eight of her books. I simply adore her stories. really. :)

of Jennifer Ashley's books I only have those two, but I have already read two others. I discovered her about two years ago I think, when I was looking for pirate romances, I came across her pirate trilogy which I am really loving. I just have one book left of that to read before I've finished it, which I plan to do this year. :p

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