17 April 2008

upcoming books.

Here is a little info on my upcoming books for my challenge:

1 - The Russian Concubine, by Kate Furnivall: I don't quite remember where I first heard about this book, but I am glad even by the description that I did hear about it.
- Description from Amazon.com: "A sweeping novel set in war-torn 1928 China, with a star-crossed love story at its center. In a city full of thieves and Communists, danger and death, spirited young Lydia Ivanova has lived a hard life. Always looking over her shoulder, the sixteen-year-old must steal to feed herself and her mother, Valentina, who numbered among the Russian elite until Bolsheviks murdered most of them, including her husband. As exiles, Lydia and Valentina have learned to survive in a foreign land. Often, Lydia steals away to meet with the handsome young freedom fighter Chang An Lo. But they face danger: Chiang Kai Shek's troops are headed toward Junchow to kill Reds like Chang, who has in his possession the jewels of a tsarina, meant as a gift for the despot's wife. The young pair's all-consuming love can only bring shame and peril upon them, from both sides. Those in power will do anything to quell it. But Lydia and Chang are powerless to end it."
I find this very interesting indeed, and I cannot wait to see how things unfold in this book. Kate Furnivall will be a new-to-me author and I hope I don't find her disappointing.

2 - Swan Island, by Elizabeth Gill: I believe I found this in the library catalog last month or so.
The first in a trilogy, here is the description from Amazon.com: "The first in a new trilogy from a well-loved author - 1920s, Durham. Ellas happy childhood in Swan Island is abruptly ended when her father dies, leaving the family bankrupt and forcing them to leave the area. Over the years Ella settles into domesticity with her husband, but she has never forgotten Harry, whom she met in the early years of the Second World War. In 1951, he comes back into her life..."
I can't help but wonder and speculate who Harry was to her and how they meet again and what happens between them when they next meet.

3 - My Sister's Keeper, by Jodi Picoult: I have been hearing and hearing about this author, so I decided to finally read one of her books. This one sounded the most interesting, especially seeing as how I have four sisters. I hope I don't find it disappointing, though some creeping feeling just tells me I might find it so. I don't know why, but I just get that feeling.

4 - The Whale Road, by Robert Low: I found this book in the library catalog this month, and once I looked it up on Amazon.com and read the description, I simply had to read it as soon as possible. In 965 A.D., the tale of Viking warriors on a quest for hidden treasure is set. This just screams adventure, a genre I very much enjoy, and the Vikings factor, perfect. Though I don't know very much about them, I am still highly fascinated by them. I think I will enjoy this book, or, at least I rather hope that I will.

That is it for the remainder of this month and probably a couple weeks into next month as well. After these I want to get some books by Christy Brown. I have become very fascinated by him in these past couple of weeks, and I am very much looking forward to reading his work and life story.

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