03 April 2008

The Phoenix of the Opera.

I was mad at Erik during the ending of this book, for the way he treated Meg. But I could also understand why he did so. In other books I've always disliked Christine; for not choosing him of course, but this book shed a new light on things between her and The Phantom - mostly through view of the situation from Erik's point of view. It just really made me realize how strong his love and obsession was for her, maybe even stronger in this book than in others. I know he'll always have a spot for his beloved Christine, but I cannot wait to see how things unfold with him and Meg.

Also what I found very interesting in this book, that I have never seen in others, is that he actually got caught by police. He did not quite get away. Not so easily. He actually had to pay some amount for his crimes. While I simply adore The Phantom, it was about time someone had him pay for things he had done. Perhaps in the next books of this series it will help him move on from that part of his life.

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