30 December 2007

Anne of the Island.

Well, with Anne of the Island, I reached my goal of reading 27 books again for this year. :) I am quite pleased with myself. Also I have more confidence for reaching my goal of 50 for next year. I just have to work a little harder at it though.

Anne was, as always, a lovely read. It was so pretty. I just adore L.M. Montgomery. I was sad for Anne throughout the book though, even though she did gain much at the end in the middle she seemed to have much taken away as well. Though, I am glad for happy endings, especially for characters such as Anne Shirley. Many lovable ones arise in this book. I cannot wait to get on to the rest of the books and see how Anne and Gilbert grow together. Oh, how happy I was when she finally realized she wanted only him. It was so..heartwarmingly sweet.

For my next read, I think I will read Deception: A Phantom of the Opera Novel, by Shirley Yoshinaka. I read it last year and I have been aching to read it again, for I dearly love Erik. It is one of my favorite phantom stories.

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