01 November 2007

two at a time..

I've never been one to read two books at a time before, but these two I am reading now just couldn't wait: Julia London's The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount, and Judith Pella's Bachelor's Puzzle.

The first, is the last of the Desperate Debutantes series, which I have really loved so far. I have been waiting so long to finally read it. I'm only 37 pages in (just starting chapter four) and I really love it. I cannot wait to see how Phoebe's secret unravels and what happens as an ending for this great series.

The second; Bachelor's Puzzle, is a historical fiction, taking place in (Columbia County) Oregon: Maintown, which is the authors own creation. Though Columbia County is real. It is about a group of (quilting) women and their marriagable daughters who decide to make a quilt for the new circuit-riding preacher, a young bachelor. In which each woman hopes to make a match with him (Zack) and their daughter. But Zack has a secret that could ruin everything. I cannot wait to see how that all turns out. I'm only 28 pages in, and so far, so good. I just adore Judith Pella's stories.

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